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Animal Health Contact Information


 Department of Livestock
 Animal Health Division
 PO Box 202001
 301 N Roberts Street
 Helena, MT 59620-2001


General Inquiries: (406) 444-2043
FAX: (406) 444-1929
General Information

Import Permits: (406) 444-2976
Standard permits available 24 hours

Martin Zaluski, State Veterinarian: (406) 444-2043


Tahnee Szymanski, Assistant State Veterinarian: (406) 444-5214

Eric Liska, Brucellosis Program Veterinarian: (406) 444-3374


Evaleen Starkel: (406) 444-9525

Administrative assistant to the State Veterinarian, 6 month equine passports

Emily Kaleczyc: (406) 444-9622

DSA/Brucellosis program, trichomoniasis program, Alternative Livestock

Vacant: (406) 444-2977

B-ovis program, 6-month equine passports, Montana Certificates of Veterinary

Margie Kelley: (406) 444-5200

Permit violation letters, veterinary supply orders, annual permits, exotic imports

Cinda Young-Eichenfels: (406) 444-3703

Administrative Rules, blanket import permits, fees for specialized permits and licenses

Sara Sylte: (406)-444-1587

Seasonal grazing, import quarantines, biologic imports, deputy veterinarian seminar, veterinarian address changes, brucellosis testing reimbursements, eCVI's


Other Contact Information

 USDA APHIS VS: (406) 449-2220

  •  International imports/exports
  •  Scrapie tags, brucellosis vaccination (Bangs) tags, USDA silver (Brite) tags