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Animal Health Division Goals & Objectives

Title 81, Chapters 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, and 20, MCA


The goals of the Animal Health Division are to safeguard the health and food production capacity of the State's animals and poultry by providing for the diagnosis, prevention, control, and eradication of animal diseases, prevent the transmission of animal diseases to man, and address other public health risks. All program goals and objectives are designed to meet the Division goals because many diseases or conditions having a direct impact on the livestock industry may also have a direct or an indirect impact on human health.

The goal of the Import/Export Section program is to be the first defense against importing animal diseases into Montana.


  • To provide field operations to include investigation of disease occurrence, import compliance and enforcement of Montana Codes and Administrative Rules.
  • To protect the livestock industry with follow-up of quarantine and testing for disease control.
  • To supervise the livestock and animal import permit system as provided for in Montana statutes and document all export activities of livestock.
  • To provide an after hours answering service to importers for issuance of import permits to comply with Montana codes and Administrative Rules.

The goal of the Game Farm program is to monitor the health status of game farm animals in Montana and develop the means to control and extirpate any disease, should it occur.


  • To regulate the importation of game farm animals using disease testing requirements to protect the livestock, wildlife, game farm animals and the public health of Montana.
  • To monitor and enforce compliance of mandatory tagging and marking of game farm animals.
  • To document valid ownership and transfer of ownership of game farm animals through inspection requirements.
  • To develop and implement game farm rules as authorized by Title 87, Chapter 4 of the Montana Codes Annotated.
  • To develop and enforce game farm rules and statutes in cooperation with the Department of Fish, Wildlife & Parks.

The goal of the rabies control program is to aid in reducing the risks associated with rabies.


  • To maintain surveillance for incidence and prevalence of animal rabies and human rabies exposures.
  • To follow up on all laboratory positive reports of animal rabies. Coordinate with the Department of Public Health and Human Services on pre and post exposure consultation to evaluate the level of disease exposure.
  • To maintain statistics and records of temporal and geographical occurrences of rabies and make epidemiological analysis of the data.
  • Manage imposition and release of county area rabies quarantines.

The goal of the field operations programs is to aid producers in proliferating a safe and cost-effective product, with most of the savings being passed on to the consumer.


  • Maintain veterinary positions to conduct inspection of livestock markets, rendering plants, supervise import activities, and disease investigations. Investigate all reports of any non-routine disease occurrences. Perform quarantine enforcement, disease investigations, herd tests, and animal examinations.
  • To control brucellosis infected bison migrating into Montana from Yellowstone National Park in cooperation with other state and federal agencies and to develop a bison management environmental impact statement.
  • To compile and summarize animal disease reports to assess disease prevalence and experiences, and determine trends and anticipate control needs for Montana producers.
  • To review and compile disease serology reports to aid in identifying trends and needs for control measures.