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Veterinarian Accreditation Information

Montana Veterinarians
  • 32.3.138: Deputy State Veterinarian Definitions
  • 32.3.139: Appointment As Deputy State Veterinarian
  • 32.3.140: Duties Of Deputy State Veterinarian
  • 32.3.141: Revocation Or Suspension Of Appointment Of Deputy State Veterinarian

    In order to do official work in Montana, veterinarians must be:

  • Licensed by the Montana Board of Veterinary Medicine
  • Federally accredited in Montana (federal accreditation in another state does not transfer to Montana)
  • Deputized by the Montana Department of Livestock
  • A joint federal accreditation/state deputization training seminar is offered several times per year at MDOL in Helena
    • 2020 Seminar Dates: 
      • January 22, 2020
      • June 24, 2020
      • September 16, 2020
    • Call (406) 444-2043 for additional information
  • Contact USDA-APHIS-VS office for additional information on federal accreditation (406) 437-9450
  • Official work includes, but is not limited to: 
    • Writing interstate and international CVIs
    • Official testing and vaccinating (TB, brucellosis, trich, EIA, etc)
    • Issuing and releasing quarantines 

Disease Reporting



Diagnostic Laboratory


  • Official Eartags 
    • Ordering:
      • Bangs tags, Brite tags, scrapie tags: Contact USDA-APHIS-VS (406) 449-2220
      • Trich tags, Contact MDOL (406) 444-2043
      • 840-series orange (Bangs) and yellow RFID tags require a national premises ID number and must be ordered independently.  The Department of Livestock no longer carries the RFID tags.
    • Approved forms of official ID:
    • Use of Official Eartags
      • Official identification should always be used for official documents (ICVIs, quarantines, TB, brucellosis, trich, and EIA tests, etc)
      • Animals shall be identified with only one official tag. A second official tag may be allowed by the Area Veterinarian in Charge (AVIC) where maintaining identity is important such as in the cases of:  a) export shipments, b) quarantined herds, c) or field trials, experiments, or disease surveys.  Animals carrying one or more official tags shall not be retagged with yet another official eartag except as allowed by the AVIC for stated purposes above.  In the case of multiple official eartags, none shall be removed.  All alpha-numeric characters of every official eartag carried by the animal shall be listed as the animal’s identification number on all official documents. 
  • Intrastate Requirements
  • Interstate Requirements

Animal Movement




Janurary 17, 2018 Seminar Powerpoint  

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